Trainers are reminded that entries for races taking place outside of Great Britain will be accepted by the Racing Operations Department at the Racing Calendar Office only in respect of Pattern Races, Irish races and any other races for which the full conditions have been advertised in the Races to Close section of The Racing Calendar. Entries for other foreign races cannot be accepted at Wellingborough.

Races to be run abroad will close on the dates specified in the advertisements.

Declarations of forfeit, declarations to run and cancellations of declared runners for foreign races must be made by the times stated in the individual race conditions, which in all cases will reflect local time in the country concerned and which will, therefore, except for races run in Ireland, be different to British Time.

These transactions subsequent to the entry stage cannot be accepted by the Racing Calendar Office and must be made directly to the relevant Racing Authority concerned.

Entries are made subject to withdrawal or correction up to the respective times of closing in the countries concerned.

The conditions of Foreign races advertised in The Racing Calendar and on the Racing Administration Internet Site are subject to the Rules of Racing of the Racing Authority of the country in which the race is to be run and in force at the time.

When a horse is entered in a race to be run outside of Great Britain, its Owner, Trainer and Rider will be deemed to have knowledge of the Rules of Racing applicable in that country and to have agreed to be bound by those Rules.

The monetary values shown in the conditions of races to be run outside Great Britain and the Channel Islands are expressed in the currency of the country in which the races are to be run unless otherwise stated within the conditions of the race.