Trainers should note that France-Galop has given notice that, any entries, declarations and jockey bookings for races in France must be made through its website.

France-Galop has made this site available to British trainers with immediate effect. 

In order to use the on-line system for entries, etc., it will be necessary, through that system, to record the horse(s) involved as being 'in training'. This must be done at least 15 days before the horse's first entry for a race in France.

Jockeys may be declared through the France-Galop website if the jockey is already registered in France. If this is not the case, application to register the jockey must be made by fax, to 0033 149 102145, no later than the day before the declaration deadline.

Trainers are invited to contact Dr Joelle Dop on 0033 149 102013 or for more information and access details.