Owners, trainers, bloodstock agents and shipping agents should be aware of the following requirements listed below that relate to the release of an Export Certificate by France Galop because, in accordance with paragraph 25 of the Running Requirements Code, imported horses CANNOT BE DECLARED TO RUN in a race until this Certificate has been lodged at the Racing Calendar Office.

  • The horse's Passport must be submitted to France Galop for endorsement. The passport should also be accompanied by the "Carte d'Imatriculation" (a blue ownership card) - which should have been obtained from the previous owner.
  • A request must be made to France Galop for the issue of an Export Certificate. Please note that any outstanding fees due to France Galop (including the cost of the Export Certificate and Passport Endorsement), must be settled before the Certificate will be released.

It is important to understand that until these requirements are met, France Galop will not issue an Export Certificate.

All correspondence with France Galop should be addressed to:
Stephanie Meunier
46 Place Abel Gance
92655 Boulogne
Tel: 00 33 149 10 20 30
Fax: 00 33 149 10 20 66