Baileys Horse Feeds

Renowned specialists in Thoroughbred nutrition, with particular skill in providing nutritional solutions for problem horses, from those prone to gastric ulcers to those requiring support for muscle health.

Having been owners and breeders for decades, our nutritional expertise is based on practical as well as scientific understanding.


Baillie Haylage

Leading the field in top quality haylage.

One of the largest producers of premium quality haylage in the UK. 3 bale sizes.

No Dust, No Chemicals - No Additives - Fully traceable - BETA NOPS certified -  Analysed & guaranteed - Delivery UK wide.

Collinson Herbal Products & Equine Iridology

For over 30 years Ellen Collinson herbs has been utilising natural herbs to aid the wellbeing of horses.

Whilst most of the products benefit all horses, some are targeted for a specific problem - 'Special B Respiratory' for horses that are 'Bleeders' /'bursters', - 'Herbal Repair & Builder', a cell proliferent, suitable for sprains, strains, wounds, cuts, stiffness and joints.

'Untye' - a tincture which naturally releases muscle spasm / azoturia / tying up.  'Mare Corrective / silly Filly'- for mares with temperament, behavioural or fertility problems, aids  to correct the hormonal imbalance that can cause these issues. 

For lots more information and other products please see: 



Connolly's Red Mills

Today, Connolly’s RED MILLS houses one of the most advanced testing laboratories for ingredient quality, and Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances.

We have developed exclusive, groundbreaking technology to build a Nutrient Fresh Management System, key to its exporting model.

Connolly’s RED MILLS has grown into a leading name in animal feeds and agri services, built a state-of-the-art pet food factory, a 3,000 sq. meter country living living superstore, and taken over Foran Equine, a market leader in equine healthcare products.

In 2017 we fed 93 group and grade winners in 14 countries. We develop and manufacture our products on site at our facilities in Goresbridge, Ireland with 50% of the grain used in all feeds grown locally.

We have never lost touch with our core values, nor with the County Kilkenny community that helped found RED MILLS with us, and we are proud to be rooted in rural Ireland.

Dengie Feeds

Our philosophy is to create the best and healthiest horse feeds based on premium, UK grown alfalfa.

Our Alfa-A range of straw free, highly digestible, pure alfalfa fibre feeds promote a healthy digestive system, helping to reduce the risk of gastric ulcers.

Alfalfa is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and is high in protein helping to develop muscle tone and aid repair.

They also provide a great source of energy, are naturally low in sugar and starch and the perfect accompaniment to your chosen cereal ration.

For further information or to speak to a nutritionist please call:  0845 345 5115

Dodson & Horrell Ltd

Dodson & Horrell Ltd, the leading manufacturer of quality animal feed provides optimum equine nutrition for maximum performance.

Their highly innovative, up to date formulas have been researched and developed by top equine nutritionists.

It is this research and quality control throughout their range and custom diets that continue to match customer expectations; giving customers the nutritional advantage they strive for.

For nutritional advise please call our friendly helpline team who are experts in equine nutrition.
Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm on 0845 345 2627 / / #feedtowin


Equiform Nutrition

Equiform Nutrition is a leading UK manufacturer of performance horse supplements, based in Cheshire, Equiform export worldwide to over 25 counties and is at the very forefront of equine nutrition;

We strive to deliver the best products for your horses, ensuring our products reflect the science behind performance horse nutrition. 

Equine America (UK) Ltd


Leading international supplier of equine supplements into the racing industry for over 20 years. 

Pioneers of joint care, bleeder, ulcer, electrolytes and many more specialist products in the range.

Based in West Sussex we also have an excellent natural range of canine & feline products along with a very effective joint care product for people.

Phil Middleton - trainer has proven the effectiveness of Equine America products over the years with numerous wins with problematic horses. 

Equine Matrix

Mushroom supplements from the USA.

The choice of trainers around the world! Our blends of medicinal mushrooms contain an array of powerful anti-oxidants and beta glucans. For centuries medicinal mushrooms have been used as a natural alternative to drugs.

*** Equine Matrix products have been tested, certified by the Organic food federation and DO NOT contravene current BHA or FEI rules.***

Farm & Stable

Farm & Stable Supplies is by appointment to Her Majesty the Queen, Suppliers of veterinary products and stable equipment and for over 40 years we have also been working closely with the thoroughbred racing and breeding industry to bring revolutionary solutions that fulfill a need.

Supplying many winners of illustrious races such as the Derby, Gold Cup, Grand National, Arc etc with feed supplements, yard equipment, de-worming products and healthcare items such as bandages and dressings.

Our whole range is available for free, same day dispatch to anywhere in the UK so contact us for free independent advice you can trust.