Bedmax Shavings

Bedmax is the UK’s largest producer shavings Tailor-made specifically for horses.

Made from British pine, BEDMAX is a very high-quality bedding, containing no preservatives and benefitting from the antiseptic properties associated with pine.

The flakes are designed to produce a deeper, more aerated bed and are made in strictly controlled conditions to ensure the same exceptional quality in every bag. This bedding provides a healthy, dust-free, stable environment, combatting common health and welfare issues associated with stabled horses.

It maximises cushioning for joints, minimises moisture that can damage hooves, and provides maximum comfort and support.  Bedmax is used in the UK and overseas by all sectors of the equine industry, including trainers, racecourses, vets and equine hospitals. Bedmax also has a Royal Warrant of Appointment granted by Her Majesty The Queen, for the supply of shavings to the Royal Stud at Sandringham in England.  

BEDMAX offers the highest levels of customer care and support.

Further details about BEDMAX and the benefits of BEDMAX can be found on or via telephone on 01668 213467

Bexminster Ltd

Bexminster Hay & Straw Ltd has been supplying top quality hay and straw to racing yards and studs since 1978.

We are a family business that take pride in delivering exactly what our customers require and have a unique understanding of the race horse industry.

Due to our relationships built up over decades with farmers who specialise in the growing and making of hay, we can provide different types of hay to suit individual needs.

Many winners of Group and Classic Races have been fed on hay supplied by us.  Contact us now to discuss your fodder requirements.

Office: 0118 721020  /  Mobile: 07973 560148  /  Email: 

Doddson Equestrian Flooring Ltd

Our company has over 30 Years experience in the world of equestrian flooring.

Our products are made especially for the equestrian market and are of high quality.

We have installed our products worldwide in various areas, Stables, Horsewalkers, Walkways, Horse Swimming Pools, Horseboxes, Horse Trailers, Parade Rings, Run Up areas, Veterinary Examination rooms and many more.

Our experienced installation team travel worldwide to ensure that each installation is carried out to our high standards.

Horse Bedding Ltd is the home of Equisorb Flax, Equibed Shavings and Baby Equibed Shavings.

All 3 bedding products, are market leaders in their own field. They are proven beddings for the professional yard. Ltd / E-mail:  / Phone 01476 585973 / Mobile 07831 504372.

Lay-Soft Equine Bedding

Lay-Soft is a clean, safe, highly-absorbent, dust extracted bedding especially suited for horses, with additional built-in insulation properties for keeping them warm. It is sterilised without the use of any chemicals - for a cleaner, healthier horse and is super-absorbent making it easier for you compared to other equine bedding products.

Lay-Soft is made from recycled white wood - ensuring an environmentally friendly product and does not attract vermin as with other bedding material such as straw. Lay-Soft's plastic wrapping enables you to store our convenient 20kg bales outside and they won't degrade or spoil, even in Winter.

Additionally, because Lay-Soft does not cling to either the horse or its accessories (rugs etc.) this ensures that your horse stays cleaner, and means that YOU have less chores to do!  Lay-Soft is the choice of Champions!

For further details please call 01709 524155 or go to