Before registering a new Syndicate it is important that you understand your responsibilities under the Rules of Racing and, specifically, the Rules as they relate to Syndicates. In particular it is important to understand the responsibilities of the syndicator(s), the person or people who promote, manage or administer the Syndicate and the terms outlined in the Syndicate Code of Conduct.

To learn more about how Syndicates operate and for more information on racehorse ownership you can visit the Owners’ Tool Kit on the BHA website.

To find out how to use the Racing Admin system to manage and administer your Syndicate please click here.

To register a new Syndicate:

  1. From the owner menu click on Register a Syndicate;
  2. Once you have read the guidance notes and what you will need to complete the application, click confirm and continue;
  3. You can then enter the syndicate name, confirm if you are a member and what contact details you would like to use before clicking continue;
  4. Tick the appropriate syndicator or member boxes to select people from those you are already in ownerships with and then click continue. Tick both boxes if a person is a syndicator and a member. To add a new person not listed click continue to move on to the next step;
  5. To add a new syndicator or member who you have not previously been in an ownership with, fill in their details and then click add. When you have finished adding all of the people required, click continue.

NOTE: there must be a minimum of one syndicator and two members in any syndicate;

6. Enter your direct debit details to set up your racing account and choose whether you wish to purchase a racing package;

7. You can then review the details, before reading and signing the declaration.

You will receive an email confirming that your registration has been submitted for approval. You can also see your pending registrations by selecting My Ownerships from the Owner menu and clicking the Pending tab. If you have applied before noon, the BHA will aim to consider your application on the same day. 

All syndicators will be notified once your syndicate has been approved.